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Positive Behaviour for Learning

What is Positive Behaviour for Learning?

Positive Behaviour for Learning, or PBL, is a consistent, school-wide systematic approach to student behaviour across the Brooke Avenue Public School community.

BAPS students are exposed to safe and consistent learning environments where they are supported and rewarded for positive behaviours. 

As a school community, we will establish clear guidelines, help students regulate their own behaviour, assist with social skills and promote positive behaviours to maximise learning engagement.

At BAPS, we have 3 core expectations that form the foundation for PBL practices;




The core expectations are embedded into daily school life in order to achieve the following;

·       Emphasis on appropriate student behaviour

·       Promotion of positive self esteem

·       Encourage the development of social skills

·       Establishment of consistent language throughout the school

·       Maintaining consistent classroom and playground management

·       Celebration of student achievement


Our PBL mascot, Chippy, reminds students of our core expectations throughout the school.


Meet Chippy, the BAPS mascot!

What does a safe, respectful learner look like at BAPS?

 SAFE learners                                                                

·        Keep their hands and feet to themselves

·        Move safely throughout all settings

·        Wear hats in the playground 

·        Eat in food zones


 RESPECTFUL learners


·        Speak kindly to others and follow the directions of school staff

·        Line up in SHARP lines 

·        Use the right voice for each setting

·        Take turns

·        Respect privacy and personal space


Students who are LEARNERS


·        Get organised quickly

·        Return equipment to the correct place

·        Follow instructions

·        Include others


For more information about PBL expectations, click on the PBL Matrix (PDF)


At BAPS, the reflection room is a safe, quiet space used for reflection. Students who spend time in the ​Reflection Room have the opportunity to consolidate our PBL expectations in a safe, supportive environment. During this time, students reflect on the choices they have made and work towards making better choices in all settings. 

Supported Play at BAPS


Supported Play has been introduced during Break 2 in the playground. The aim of supported play is to help build each child’s confidence, resilience and perseverance as well as their ability to respond to a variety of situations in a safe, respectful manner.




Each week, there will be a specific focus that supports students to further develop their pro-social skills and behaviours and reinforces positive social interactions. 


Students will have access to supported play as needed and are referred by class teachers in consultation with our Learning Support Team and school executive.

PBL signs at BAPS








Teachers and students use the voice level guide to select the appropriate voice for different settings.









Students are consistently asked to stand and sit in SHARP lines. This helps to keep Brooke Avenue a safe place.











Students are consistently asked to sit PLANT in all settings. This helps to keep Brooke Avenue a safe place.





Food Zone signs are placed in settings where students are able to eat. This helps to keep Brooke Avenue neat and tidy.

Attendance House Points

New to PBL is our new classroom system, linking house points to attendance. 


Each day students attend school, they will receive one point for their house. Every week these points will be tallied and added to the house total. Students are encouraged to attend school regularly and in doing so will earn points for their respective houses - Bradman, Fraser, Freeman or Perkins.


Chippy can't wait to see which house wins!

PBL Rewards at BAPS




Safe, Respectful Learners at BAPS are rewarded by earning raffle tickets in all settings. Raffle tickets are placed into a barrel for a weekly draw every Monday, where students can win canteen vouchers and a barrel draw twice a term to win special prizes.


PBL Reward Days allow every student to enjoy a reward for their participation in PBL.


Watch this space for updates about 2019 PBL Rewards......