Brooke Avenue Public School

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The original name of the road was Hovell Boulevard named after explorer Captain William Hovell of Hume & Hovell fame .All the roads in this area are named after early Australian explorers and men of fame.

The road was created in 1956.

In 1966 the residents objected to living in Hovell Boulevard for obvious reasons and council agreed to rename the road to Burke Boulevard ( this did not go down well either ) and finally the name Brooke Ave was agreed to and gazette on 29/11/1966

The street is named after Captain John Brooke who was in command of the Tryall which was wrecked on Tryall rocks in 1622 and Brooke and his crew are recorded as the first Englishmen to sight and land on Australian soil

Established in 1985, the new school buildings were completed in 1990. The amount of classes here at Brooke Avenue were originally very small. We have since grown to occupy 18 classes from K-6.

History of Brooke Avenue PS (pdf 1250 KB)

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